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Formation of Moroccan Experts in Waste Management and Support on the Designing of Moroccan Regulations and Guidelines for Waste Management


GTZ, Dag-Hammarskjöld-Weg 1-5, D-65760 Eschborn

Project Target

PPP-procedure for the formation of moroccan experts in waste management- training course within the scope of the workshop “Méthode et processus d’élimination des déchets dangereux” and advanced training in the field of landfill technology for staff of moroccan authorities in the framework of the KfW-environmental programm Morocco

Developement of benchmarks for designing moroccan regulations and guidelines for (hazardous) waste management in the framework of the KfW-environmental programme Morocco and recommendations for the landfill regulation draft

Scope of work

In a first step Ingenieurgruppe RUK worked out a programme for some moroccan experts with the topics:

  • Landfill design, bottom sealing, cover sealing, design and construction, examples
  • Operation of landfill, discussion of operation manual
  • Landfill gas, collection and operation
  • Excursion to several landfills in Germany and Luxembourg concerning sealing technologies, gas collection and utilization, leachate treatment
  • How to operate a landfill, conclusions from operations. Two days for field experiences at two landfills in Luxembourg.
  • Criterias for landfill design, regulations, site conditions, type of waste, materials, costs, health and safety conditions
  • Special topics: How to design landfill gas and leachate treatment plants?
  • Special topics: How to design bottom and cover layer?
  • Discussion of landfill design demonstrated at several examples
  • Excursion to best praxis landfills
  • Excursion to best praxis landfills for hazardous waste

In a second step a benchmark has been worked out to support the design of a moroccan regulation for projects on (hazardous) waste management.

working out of a benchmark by comparing general conditions (legal, organisational, institutional and technological) under which MSW- and hazardous waste landfills in Europe are built, operated and controlled. Therefore the national regulations on the european regulation 1999/31/EG were used.

Discussion of the national regulations of the european landfill directive.

Preparation of minimal requirements fo moroccan landfills, derived of the european landfill directive 1999/31/EG, the german legal ordinance for landfills and the benchmark.

Periods of obligation 2008-2009