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Compiling Adequate Waste Management Profiles for Selected Target Countries


Federal Ministry of Environment. Research project under the leadership: Bauhausuniversity Weimar

Project target

There is a large potential for optimised resource protection and a positive effect on employment inland in the export of recycling and disposal technologies by which international market penetration through innovative and adapted technologies for a sustainable developement is indispensable. The backlog especially for environmental friendly waste recycling and waste disposal as well as questions on environmental consciousness, legal foundations, institutional facilities, proposals and technical solutions, is quite huge for most countries.

For this reason the Federal Environment Ministry established the recycling and efficiency technology initiative to serve Waste Management export. This eventually merges into the project “Compiling adequate waste management profiles for selected target countries” which is being handled by the following organisations:

  • Bauhaus University Weimar - Waste Management Chair, University Stuttgart - Waste Management Chair, University Rostock - Waste and Material Flow Management, Technical College Münster - Laboratory for waste management, municipal water management, environmental chemistry
  • Ingenieurgruppe RUK GbR, Stuttgart, Intecus GmbH, Dresden
  • Knoten Weimar GmbH

It is the target of the project to compile adequate waste management profiles for selected countries to be also made available on an internet portal.

Scope of work

Ingenieurgruppe RUK worked on the waste management system in the countries Mexico and Morocco. Besides our own knowledge about the waste management system in both countries we used our personal contacts to institutes and firms in the countries for the research work.

Additionally the following information sources were contacted:

  • Chamber of Foreign Trade
  • Agencies Abroad of the Departement for Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Economics, Federal Ministry for Research and Technology
  • Several Federal Agencies
  • Literature (e.g from Ministries of the specific countries)
  • Organisations working in the field of waste management, e.g: Worldbank, UNEP, Topic Centre Waste, OECD, etc.

The collected information has been summarized and the main topics have been arranged in standardised data sheets. Further information was given in a detailed report. The information was sorted according to the following points:

Country specific basic information

General conditions for environmental policy and waste management

State of affairs of the waste disposal markets

Know-how Transfer


Period of obligation 2008-2009